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Drop Off & Pick Up Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am- 12:00pm

No Sunday pick-ups for boarding, but we do board on Sundays

Holiday Deposits: A deposit must be made in advance of the reservation and will be applied to the boarding fees. No refunds will be granted if the reservation is canceled.

All runs are equipped with a double dinner table, central heating, and air conditioning. For safety purposes we do not allow dogs to come in contact with one another, each dog is kept in its own individual run. Dogs from the same household may request to be housed together. Our indoor/outdoor runs give pets the opportunity to go outdoors as they please during the day, weather permitting. The indoor-only runs are designed for dogs that prefer being indoors. Dogs staying in both types of runs are let out into our fenced-in area to go to the bathroom at least three times a day. We encourage our dog parents to bring their pet’s food, toys, and bedding to make the stay as comfortable as possible. We take great pride in keeping our boarding kennel top notch. Each individual run is cleaned and sanitized daily to ensure cleanliness and disease control.

CATS: All cat cages are equipped with litter boxes, food dishes, central heating, and air conditioning. Each cat has it’s own individual accommodations. For safety purposes, we do not allow cats to come in contact with one another. We encourage our pet parents to bring their cat’s food, toys, and bedding to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

In case an emergency situation arises, Hillsboro Advanced Veterinary Care will treat the animal at the owner’s expense. If a pet owner neglects to pick up their pet within two business days of the specified release date and no notification is given of an extended stay, we may assume that the pet is abandoned and we are hereby authorized to make decisions regarding treatment or placement of the pet

Additional Services:

To better serve our clients, we do offer additional services while your pet is boarding.

Deluxe Boarding: Includes a daily playtime, extra treats, and you will receive a photo or video of of your pet daily via text message.

Playtime: During a playtime, pets receive individual attention from one of our staff members where they are walked, brushed, or played with.

Baths: Our bath prices are based on the size of the dog.

Vaccinations: For the safety of our employees and other boarding pets, all dogs and cats are required to be vaccinated before boarding.  The required dog vaccinations include Rabies, DHLP, and bordetella.

The required feline vaccinations include Rabies and FRVCP.

Hillsboro Advanced Veterinary Care is a flea-free clinic.  If a pet enters the boarding kennel with fleas he/she will be treated at the owner’s expense.

All owners are required to pay for rabies tags from their county* *These rates are subject to change at any given time without notice

Common FAQs About Boarding

I have never boarded my pet before, how should I prepare? When your pet is kept in a different atmosphere than what they are used to they tend to feel uncomfortable, so there are ways to help your pet to adjust faster when they arrive. Our facility has routine scheduling for all the feeding, cleaning, and exercising. To prepare for your pet’s visit, start a few days in advance with a schedule routine feeding twice per day (first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon) since that is how we schedule our mealtimes at the facility. Also, every evening we quiet down the kennels after 5 p.m. (closing time) to give our pet guests time to rest and get comfy for the night, so “winding down” by 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. before their stay will help them adjust. It’s highly recommended that your schedule a few days before boarding is consistent and stable to prep your pet’s stay with Hillsboro. Your pet will soon adjust to our boarding facility, our staff, and our routines.

Can my pet board for a long period of time? At our facility, boarding is indefinite. If your pet is staying over 30 days, we must have a credit card on file to be charged for when those 30 days are up and every 30 days after that.

Why does my pet have a certain odor when I pick him up after being kenneled? At Hillsboro, we thoroughly clean our kennels as often as they need it. Although, when animals are kept in closed quarters, a dog’s/cat’s natural odor may become more noticeable. We recommend scheduling a bath or grooming appointment for your furry friends before they are picked up. At our facility, we can give baths Monday-Saturday.

Can all my pets stay together in the same run? We can allow pets with the same owners to stay together in the same run, as space allows. If you want them in separate runs, we like to still put them in the runs, side by side so they are familiar to their furry neighbor. The price for pets to be in the same runs or not does not change.

Do the kennels have heating and cooling? Our facility is air-conditioned during the summer and heated in the winter to make our guests feel as comfortable as possible. The indoor/outdoor runs, which have the doggy doors, are opened during the day for your pets to have free access to the sunshine. We close all the doggy doors at night so they can get their rest or whenever it is harsh weather.

Are we allowed to bring our pet’s bedding and/or toys? Your pets are allowed to have one or two toys and their bedding during their stay. If you bring anything from home please mark your last name with a permanent mark on each item. We do our best to return your items, but occasionally an item can be lost during playtime or in between laundry. If you prefer to leave toys and bedding at home, we have bedding here and toys that we let your pets occupy during their stay.

Can I bring my pet’s food? Yes! We highly recommend that you bring your pet’s food (especially if they are on a special diet) because pets can have a sensitive digestive system when there is a sudden change to their diet, which leads to loose stool and discomfort. However, if you do not want to bring your own food or you forget we keep food on stock and there is a flat $10 fee, regardless of the length of the stay. Also, feel free to bring treats.

What if my pet requires medication to be administered? Our staff is well equipped to administer any kind of medication (oral and injectable) to all patients. Please provide us with a schedule for when the medications are to be given and any tips or tricks you may use for administration to make it as stress-free as possible for both your pet and our staff. There is a $15 medication administration fee that is a flat fee, regardless of the length of the stay.

Why we charge for Sundays? Even though our facility is closed on Sundays, we still provide a checkout time as a courtesy to our clients. We understand how excited pet owners want to get to their furry children. Our staff begins nurturing to pet guests at 8 a.m. and again in the late afternoon, so before you arrive at our checkout time we have let them run around outside twice, fed them twice, and cleaned their kennel areas and bedding as needed. These are the services that you are being charged for when your pet stays through Sunday.

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